Building foundations for better futures

For families with children living with autism, we build the foundation for a better future.

BASICS NW serves families of children and adolescents diagnosed with autism, as well as related diagnoses. Our clients range in age from two to twenty-one years old. We help our clients with an array of socially-significant behaviors, such as communication, social interaction, adaptive skills, and any behaviors that may compromise the health and safety of an individual or those with whom they interact. We offer families scientifically-validated tools and foundational skills to improve the quality of life for their children with special needs, as well as their entire family.

Building foundations for better futures.

Serving Western Washington State

BASICS NW supports autism awareness, education and outreach to seven Washington counties: Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Pacific, Pierce and Thurston. We strive to partner with families with autistic children—and their communities—to create  positive relationships. BASICS NW extends services to several underserved, rural communities in Western Washington. Visit our Locations page to see if we serve your community.

Supporting Kids and Families

Our experienced and compassionate clinical team works one on one with each child to foster trust and familiarity. We meet kids where they need us, whether it be at school, at home, or in our local clinic. We help kids develop and then generalize new skills by supporting their interactions with the many people and places they encounter. We offer families useful tools and proven methods to improve daily life and create a supportive home environment. Learn more about our dedicated team and our range of services.