About Us

How BASICS NW is making a difference

BASICS NW currently operates five clinics in Washington, in the communities of Cosmopolis, Lacey, Puyallup, Raymond, Longview, and Centralia, and serves families in seven counties. Since our founding, we’ve served more than 1,000 kids. We work with roughly 100 clients at any given time.

We are consistently striving to improve access to services and resources for children and families who are impacted by autism. We endeavor to raise awareness across our communities and develop a network of support throughout the lifespan of those affected with developmental disabilities. BASICS NW helps everyone—kids diagnosed with autism, their families, and community members—improve their experience related to autism by providing education around what autism is and how to best meet the needs of children living with autism. We are very excited about the possibilities to benefit our communities by better supporting individuals with autism and/or related disabilities.

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Our Vision

We seek to provide children and adolescents with learning, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges, their families, and other pertinent team members, highly-effective tools and foundational skills to improve quality of life for children with special needs and bring awareness, education, and outreach to rural and/or remote communities. We are committed to remaining current in this ever-developing field to ensure that we use the most effective and proven best practices and tools to deliver the best service to improve the lives of our clients.

Our Mission

BASICS NW provides effective, evidence-based behavioral intervention and educational consultation services to families and their children with special needs in western Washington State, including those in traditionally underserved rural and/or remote communities.

Our Story

Reaching families who need us.

Matthew Woodard, M.Ed. BCBA, LBA, founded BASICS NW in 2012 to improve the quality of services for children with autism and related disorders in southwest Washington State. His passion for reaching underserved communities has led to a significant impact in many rural communities including, South Bend, Raymond, Grays Harbor County and Lewis County.

Matt has been in the field of special education for more than twenty years and has served as an educator, facilitator and board certified behavior analyst.