ABA Services for kids

We use proven methods.

After an initial assessment, our staff determine a clinically-appropriate and effective treatment plan for each client. Clients may receive anywhere from 10-40 hours of intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) intervention services each week. Our treatments are based on current research, proven methods and are results-driven.

Building foundations for better futures.

Treatment Schedules

Treatment plans follow a set schedule Monday through Friday (for example, Mon-Fri from 12-3 pm). Our clinics offer service blocks in the morning (8 am-12 pm), early afternoon (12-4 pm), and after-school (3-6 pm). Our clinics serve clients between the hours of 8 am– 6 pm, with hours outside of those times dependent upon the unique treatment needs of each client.

Treatment Settings

Our services may be delivered in home, clinic, school* or community settings. Often, our services span a range of contexts. This helps to ensure generalization of skills across multiple people and environments that are relevant to the lives of our clients and their families.

*School services are dependent on the rules of our various funding sources and current partnerships with local school districts.

Medicaid Day Program

Our new Medicaid Day Program provides intensive ABA services five days a week along with daily access to our in-house speech therapist. These services are offered in addition to both in-home and clinic-based services. Our Medicaid Day Program is offered in a few select clinic locations, with new locations to be added in 2020.

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