After an initial assessment, our staff determine a clinically-appropriate and effective treatment plan for each client. Clients may receive anywhere from 10-40 hours of intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) intervention services each week. Our treatments are based on current research, proven methods and are results-driven.

Treatment plans follow a set schedule Monday through Friday (for example, Mon-Fri from 12-3 pm). Our clinics offer service blocks in the morning (8 am-12 pm), early afternoon (12-4 pm), and after-school (3-6 pm). Our clinics serve clients between the hours of 8 am– 6 pm, with hours outside of those times dependent upon the unique treatment needs of each client.

Our services may be delivered in home, clinic, school* or community settings. Often, our services span a range of contexts. This helps to ensure generalization of skills across multiple people and environments that are relevant to the lives of our clients and their families.

*School services are dependent on the rules of our various funding sources and current partnerships with local school districts.

For a list of insurance providers we accept, please visit our insurance page.